Omen Paris is a jewelry brand that embodies strong values! We find innovation, technique, timelessness and aesthetics. Among the brand’s creations, we find the bracelet in the shape of a nut which perfectly illustrates these values.

The Omen Paris “the nut” bracelet, designed by Xavier Penichot, is a unique piece that combines a contemporary and industrial aesthetic with a high quality manufacturing technique. The nut, transformed into a luxury jewel, is the symbol of the technical expertise of the house of Omen Paris.

it also embodies timelessness, because despite its industrial inspiration, it is designed to be worn in all circumstances. This piece is available in different materials. We find yellow gold, white gold, pink gold and 316L surgical steel. These materials make it possible to meet the different tastes, prices and preferences of customers.

Finally, aesthetics is at the heart of the values of the Omen Paris house. The nut-shaped bracelet by Xavier Penichot is an elegant, sophisticated and at the same time minimalist piece of jewellery. The shapes and patterns are simple and modern, but with great attention to detail. This unique piece is a testament to the creativity and craftsmanship of Omen Paris, which creates timeless and aesthetic jewellery that transcends fashion.

In short, Omen Paris embodies strong values that are reflected in its innovative, technical, timeless and aesthetic creations, and the nut-shaped bracelet designed by Xavier Penichot is a perfect example of this approach.