Ines - Diamant Noir

Un éclat de mystère

La véritable fusion entre l’ingénierie moderne et l’éclat intemporel du diamant noir

Ines - Diamant Blanc

Un éclat de pureté

La véritable fusion entre l’ingénierie moderne et l’éclat intemporel du diamant blanc

Black Operator

La fusion parfaite entre la détermination et la force !

Notre bracelet Black Operator est une exclusivité limitée à 100 pièces. Un modèles de couleur ton sur ton noir, parfait pour des tenues minimalistes !


Le premier rayon de soleil !

Avec son design osez, l’alliance entre l’acier et le doré de notre bracelet,
ressort comme les premiers rayons de soleil du matin !


Welcome :

Welcome to the home page of Omen Paris, a luxury jewelry house. We draw our inspiration from the mechanical, automotive, marine world and much more.

We are proud to present our very first creation: the Nut.

The nut is more than just a bracelet, it’s a bold style statement. Its meticulous design and exceptional quality make it an exceptional jewel, perfect for those looking for a piece that stands out. L’Écrou’s customizable bracelets make it possible to harmonize it with all styles and all genres. Whether you prefer a casual, chic or avant-garde look, the Nut adapts to your personality and enhances your look.

At Omen Paris, we make it a point of honor to select the highest quality materials for our creations. Each jewel is meticulously crafted, using precious metals such as steel and gold. Our talented craftsmen bring meticulous attention to detail, creating unique and lasting pieces.

We are passionate about what we do and are committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience. Our dedicated team is there to assist you in choosing your personalized Nut, providing you with sound advice and answering all your questions.

We invite you to discover our Nuts collection on our site. Be inspired by their captivating design and let your creativity run wild by customizing your own bracelet. Whether you want to treat yourself to a unique jewel or make a memorable gift to a loved one, the nut of Omen Paris is the ideal choice.

So welcome to Omen Paris, where the mechanical world is transformed into exceptional jewelry. Get ready to dive into a world where style, audacity and quality come together to create unique and timeless pieces.

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